Who am I ?

It is in Hungary, in 1968, Nathalie Y. Lancer enters the world of perfume ...

For this young Hungarian student who is preparing for a bright future as an engineer, the adventure begins with the arrival of a distant relative who came to spend a few days in this country of the Eastern block. During his stop in Paris he will spend a few hours in the duty free shop and buy presents for his family among which a perfume box "Made in France" : a gift he intends to offer to his niece. This small case "Fête" by Molyneux that will no doubt change Nathalie's destiny. Now it can be admired in one of the 24 museum windows. It is also somewhat of her lucky star!

The first bottle of perfume "haute couture" is a priceless treasure for Nathalie, a symbol of a luxury and fashion world, she will bring that symbol of the Parisian refinement to university in order to show it to her student friends.

Besides the olfactory satisfaction, the bottle fascinates : since her studies deal with industrial design, she will do research on glassware. At the time, althrough she was young, shy and introverted, she wanted to share this passion with her friends and professors. Her young friends discover Parisian luxury and her professors interesting techniques. For Nathalie perfume became a therapy, since she feels the urge to share her passion and she starts looking for new pieces for her collection. "Perfume has guided my life and my choices". This passion for perfume will never leave her and will make her travel throughout the world. Then she settled in Grasse, "the French capital of perfume". At the time, few people are involved in collecting flasks and it is easy for Nathalie to acquire interesting pieces.

The museum was founded in 1998 in Veynes. From 2005 to 2007, it was located in Sisteron. Chance meetings will bring Nathalie to Burgundy where she moved her perfume collections to "La Gentilhommière de Collonge" at Prissé near Mâcon in May 2010. It took two years to reorganize the collection.

For Nathalie, this collection is like a child she is very proud of and that she wishes to show to the greatest number of visitors. She gets no profit out of that exhibition but her most beautiful reward is sharing the collection with visitors ... Follow the fragrance of a beautiful story!

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